National Integrity Framework provides paddlers a safer, fairer and healthier environment

Published Tue 06 Jun 2023

The Geelong Canoe Club has adopted the National Integrity Framework (NIF) developed by Sport Integrity Australia (SIA). It provides a single set of rules which apply across all levels of the sport plus procedures for managing, reporting, investigating and determining potential breaches.

The NIF applies to all activities organised or authorised by a Paddle Australia or member organisation. 

Paddle Australia’s National Integrity Framework defines sports integrity as the manifestation of the ethics and values that promote community confidence in sport. Threats to the integrity of sport include:

  1. manipulation of sporting competitions
  2. improper use of drugs and medicine in sport
  3. abuse of children and other persons in a sporting environment
  4. failure to protect Members and other persons in a sporting environment, from bullying, intimidation, discrimination, or harassment.

Alleged breaches and reporting

Since it was introduced in mid-2022 there have been some changes to the way concerns or complaints about alleged breaches of those policies are to be reported.

  • SIA manages complaints related to Child Safeguarding and Discrimination under the NIF.
  • Complaints about other Prohibited Conduct under the NIF will be managed by the sport at the level at which they arise.  So, issues at the club level will generally be managed by the relevant club, unless there is a significant conflict of interest which cannot be appropriately managed (eg where the Complaint is made against a club executive or committee member) in which case it will be managed by the relevant State Paddle Association.
  • SIA will no longer be involved in the imposition of provisional action (ie protective interim measures) and sanctions.

SIA has affirmed the following process for reporting NIF matters:

  • All NIF matters (ie any allegation of Prohibited Conduct under the NIF) may be submitted, in the first instance, via Paddle Australia's online reporting tool.  Paddle Australia will triage and confirm next steps with the person who submitted the report, including the appropriate body to manage the matter.
  • Alternatively, if preferred, a complaint about Child Safeguarding and/or Discrimination may be submitted directly to SIA via the SIA's online reporting tool.
  • Other issues or concerns may be reported to SIA (can be done anonymously), however, SIA may not be able to act on them.

More information

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