Strategic Plan

Geelong Canoe Club Strategic Plan 2024-2027

A strategic plan has been developed to ensure the Club continues to thrive and support community inclusion into future years.

Our vision and values were carefully considered and take into account member feedback, paddle industry protocols and best practice models identified during the strategy development process. 

Comprehensive review, workshops and a member survey identified four key areas to grow GCC and ensure its success:

  1. Membership and Junior Participation
  2. Facility Development
  3. Governance and Succession Planning
  4. Marketing and Events

Our values  

  • Active – the Club is always thriving, providing members with the opportunity to get active every day of the year. 
  • Safe – the Club is well-known for providing a safe environment both on and off the water, including adopting the National Integrity Framework developed by Sport Integrity Australia.
  • Respect – being courteous and respectful of fellow members, others on the water, the Committee and different facility user groups. 
  • Community – a community-minded Club offering opportunities for local communities to come together and enjoy the benefits of paddling. 
  • Progressive – a forward-thinking Club, providing different offerings for members to increase participation in the sport of paddling. 

Strategic Plan Summary

To deliver on our objectives four pillars were identified to drive and support us to achieve our objectives. The pillars and how we will deliver on these are summaried: 

Implementing the Strategic Plan

The Committee and volunteers started implementing elements of the plan in early 2024. This work includes improving communications through social media and e-comms, increasing storage facilities and introducing more trained coaches and programs to bring young people into the sport.

There are many more elements in progress and others will be introduced continuously to 2027.


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