Paddling disciplines

Geelong Canoe Club supports eight disciplines – each one is represented by a club member. 


Marathon canoe racing is about tactics and endurance. Marathon races can be conducted over distances varying from a few kilometres through to hundreds of kilometres. Paddle Victoria and its affiliated clubs conduct marathon races throughout the year and throughout the state.




Canoe polo

Canoe Polo is an exciting team event played on 35 metres x 23 metres pitches set up in swimming pools or on flat stretches of water. Teams of 5 paddlers endeavour to score goals in a net suspended 2 metres above the water, the ball being thrown by hand, or flicked with the paddle. The team with the most goals at the end of the match wins the game.




Canoe Sprint Racing is one of the best known competitive canoeing disciplines in Australia. This is probably due to its inclusion in the Olympic Games since 1936 and Australia's involvement in all Olympics from the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games. Canoe Sprint Racing is all about speed on flat water over distances of 200 metres, 500 metres and 1000 metres.




Recreational canoeing is simply paddling that is not competition based. Anyone can go for a recreational paddle. It involves sea kayaking, inland touring, whitewater paddling and social cruising with friends.





Multisport is an emerging discipline that involves running, road cycling, mountain biking, swimming and paddling. Many multi-sport athletes use our club as their training base for paddling.





Many Schools in the Geelong area have canoeing and kayaking in the curriculum which provides an excellent opportunity for students to travel along the Barwon River and see nature. It also exposes them to the sport of canoeing.



Scouts Victoria has a canoeing and kayaking program which provides an excellent opportunity for scouts to travel along the Barwon River and see nature.



Outrigger canoeing is an exhilarating sport that promotes fitness, teamwork and a healthy outdoor lifestyle, attracting recreational and competitive paddlers alike.

The Geelong Outrigger Canoe Club is located next to the Geelong Canoe Club. Some of its members are also members of our club.

For outrigger activities visit: Geelong Outrigger Canoe Club


Dragon boats

Dragon boats are the basis of the team sport of dragon boat racing. It is an amateur water sport which has its roots in an ancient folk ritual of contending villagers held over the past 2000 years throughout southern China. 

The Geelong Canoe Club accommodates 2 dragon boat clubs at its facility – Geelong Dragon Boat Club and Geelong Juggernauts / Dragons Abreast Geelong. The Juggernauts are members of Dragons Abreast Australia and welcome breast cancer survivors and supporters.


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